This article brings a lot of understanding to a certain UX issue I am experiencing at work. We’re currently redesigning the homepage of to have a completely updated, modern look. Part of this redesign included changing links to CTA “buttons”. Surprisingly, this has resulted in a *drop* in clicks.
After reading this article, I would conclude that the drop in clicks happened because our users felt more safe clicking a link rather than a button, even though it was not as visually prominent. They felt safe because text links, more often than not, simply link to another webpage, whereas buttons usually perform an action such as submitting personal information.

Would you agree with this assessment? Have you seen any other data relating to the conversion rates of text links vs CTA buttons?


UX Designer

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A button that says 'Download on the App Store', and if clicked it will lead you to the iOS App store
A button that says 'Get it on, Google Play', and if clicked it will lead you to the Google Play store